Mariotti machines are the smallest electric forklift trucks in the world. What better solution for handling loads ranging from 400kg to 1600kg?

Distinctive features

Big on quality but small in size, Mariotti forklifts are the unique solution for operating in limited spaces and tricky situations in total safety and comfort. They can even replace pallet trucks and walk-along and ride-on pedestrian stackers.

  • + Unbeatable size and maneuverability
    The figures speak for themselves: width reduced to 805mm, overall height under 1900mm, and an L2 length between 1095mm and 1516mm. Plus power steering, an adjustable wheelbase, and integrated side shift are all standard on the entire range.
  • +  Versatility
    Engineered for multi-purpose use, Mariotti electric forklift trucks simplify loading and unloading operations from trucks, trailers, and containers, as well as handling and stacking in warehouses and transport inside production and processing areas. With its versatility, a single Mariotti can do a multitude of tasks, saving you time and money.
  • +  Power
    Choose the power and efficiency of our AC motors, and the traction best suited to your needs in the Mycros range—RWD on one wheel, FWD on two wheels, or AWD on three wheels.
  • +  Precision
    Mariotti was the first to introduce rack & pinion steering on forklifts of this size, engineering a compact, reliable system to guarantee precision steering at all times. With forks, clamps, and other attachments manufactured to the customer’s specifications, Mariotti electric forklift trucks are the perfect solution for tricky situations requiring care and precision.
  • + Light when needed
    Being lightweight, in certain cases, can prove an enormous advantage, especially when working on mezzanine floors or on hoists. Mariotti engineers innovative solutions to optimize the service weight and capacity of its trucks, making it possible operate as best as possible in any given situation.
  • + Environmentally Friendly
    With zero emissions for workers and for working environments, our electric engines can tackle an 8 hour shift on a single battery charge, delivering performances that rival those of IC trucks. Mariotti forklifts also feature electric regenerative braking, with economy drive mode an option on some models.
  • + Tailor-made for you
    All our standard models can be customized to your specific needs, including modifications to the chassis and mast and made-to-measure forks and attachments. Find out more in our Special Machines section.

Ease of use

Mariotti electric forklift trucks are versatile to the extreme, both indoors and out, in tight spaces, and where maximum precision and reliability are a must.

  • + Doors, gateways, narrow passages
    Thanks to their minimal width (as low as 805mm), Mariotti trucks can go where no other forklift can dream of going, maneuvering with ease in tight spaces and work areas, around equipment and materials.
  • + Tight aisleways
    The compact size of Mariotti electric forklift trucks means goods can be stacked with euro pallets in aisles as narrows as 2500mm. Thanks to our trucks, some of our customers have even reduced their aisles to maximize storage space.
  • + Ramps
    The AWD option and the sheer power of our AC motors means you can operate with confidence on ramps and slopes with gradients of up to 25%.
  • + Liftgates, hoists, mezzanines
    Not many forklift trucks can operate on a liftgate, in a hoist, or on a mezzanine floor. Mariotti engineers customized solutions that combine safety and efficiency with the service weight required for such situations.
  • + Cold storage, cellars, vaults
    Thanks to a height of less than 2000mm, low ceilings are no challenge for Mariotti electric forklift trucks, which more often than not need no modification to the chassis and mast to operate. Plus, as often required by these kinds of environments, they can be adapted with cold storage (-20°C), explosion-proof, and rust-proof fittings, and customized to comply with hygiene standards for the food sector.
  • + Delicate flooring
    Mariotti forklifts may be tough in performance, but they are delicate in touch, making them perfectly suitable for locations such as theaters and museums. The trucks can be fitted with non-marking tires and provided in super-lightweight configurations.
  • + Trucks, containers, freight cars
    The compact size and super agility of Mariotti electric forklift trucks make them the perfect solution for loading and unloading operations, even in containers, trailers, and freight cars.

Time and money savings

Mariotti forklifts are your key to unlocking major savings. Designed for maximum energy efficiency and minimum consumption, the reliability of the trucks guarantees minimal downtime, while their versatility means they can cover a variety of tasks, reducing fleet costs and operating times.

  • + A smart investment
    The outstanding quality of Mariotti electric forklift trucks fully repays the investment made. Their solid engineering and construction make them safe, fast, and comfortable to operate, and easy and inexpensive to service, while featuring reduced maintenance and consumption requirements and performance standards on par with IC units, capable of tackling an 8-hour shift on a single battery charge.
  • + Minimal energy consumption
    Mariotti forklifts are designed to minimize consumption and energy waste — from rack & pinion steering, which Mariotti was to the first introduce on trucks this size, to electric regenerative braking and the option of economy drive mode on some models.
  • + Better use of space
    The compact size of Mariotti electric forklift trucks means they require less space for maneuvers, and can operate in narrow aisleways of as little as 2500mm in width with euro pallets. That means storage areas can be expanded, for the smarter use of space and key financial savings.
  • + Operating times and costs
    The versatility of Mariotti forklifts makes operations faster and smoother, both indoors and out. The one truck can cover all your handling needs — from loading and unloading operations to transport even in the narrowest of spaces, and stacking in warehouses — without the need to switch equipment, saving you time and money thanks to a smaller fleet.