Our company does not only produce electric forklift trucks but it also designs and manufactures products to meet our customer’s needs. This is why the assistance to customers is so crucially important to us.


The expertise we have acquired over almost one hundred years in now available to you, to help you to set and solve your material handling problems, especially if you need to be able to operate in particular kinds of working areas and in confined spaces.

Our professionals will be able to evaluate your needs, to guide you in choosing the most appropriate machine. They will also be able to offer you special solutions tailored to your needs that are advantageous in terms of operations, time and costs.

There are a great many examples of well-known companies that have placed their trust in our consultancy service in order to optimise material handling and stacking with our electric forklift trucks.

After Sales Service and spare parts

After Sales Service is managed in conjunction with our local dealers, appropriately selected to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service.

From our headquarters we are in a position to directly and remotely monitor our trucks located at dealers place, in order to carry out diagnostic, checking for any failures and modifying the machine’s parameters. We are also capable to assist servicing and maintenance as and when it is required.

Even though they may be extremely compact, our trucks have been designed to allow every component part to be easily accessed, facilitating and speeding up assembly and disassembly times. All our electric forklift trucks are manufactured using only the highest quality tested components that are checked during the assembly phase. The efficiency of this system is evidenced by the reduced number of claims and machine downtimes, even when a problem does occur.

The careful selection of component parts also means it is possible to replace one individual faulty part, without having to replace the entire block that has been affected by the actual fault. This often results in considerable savings, in terms of money, for the customer, and in terms of the environment from the point of view of the waste produced.

Our spare parts are available on-stock at our distributors, so as to reduce to the minimum customers waiting time. Where a distributor does not have a spare part in stock, it will be shipped by our after sales service on the same day.

Mariotti is certified to design and manufacturing of electric forklift trucks and to sales of spare parts. (UNI EN ISO 9001). For more information on our support services, please do not hesitate to contact us.